My craft has roots in two places. The first is the farm I grew up on, in Schomberg, Ontario, where I discovered and cultivated my talent for woodworking. The second is my family cabin, on the Irondale River in Haliburton, where I draw inspiration for my original creations from the rugged beauty that surrounds me.

I am a proud advocate of keeping our planet green, and of fostering a sense of community, so when I’m not building from natural materials found on my land, I’m purchasing the finest quality supplies from local entrepreneurs.

In the course of my career I have built silos, barns, and entire homes. For fifteen years I was the Head Carpenter for a company in the Set Building Industry where I worked closely with talented designers to create sets for television. But what I enjoy most is designing and handcrafting custom furniture and art pieces, transforming a vision–a description, a simple sketch—into a piece worth cherishing.

Blair Baker

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