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The Maple Leaf Forever Tree Design Competition

18 Feb

  I am so honoured to have been selected as one of the winning Designers competing to handcraft a unique piece using wood from the Maple Leaf Forever Tree! Please check back for postings about the process of the making of the bench that I designed. For more information about the competition and the Maple […]

Spruce Burl Floor Lamp

21 Jan

  My latest project is a spruce burl floor lamp. The picture above is of the burl when it was still attached to the root system of the fallen tree. After removing the burl from the tree, I started to carve it with a chainsaw and then a grinder. The pictures below show the burl […]

Custom Butternut Wood Mantle

29 Oct

trim.MA2kmo             Click on the link to the left to view the mantel in the early stages.         My latest custom project is a Butternut live edge fireplace mantel. The wood was a fallen tree that was on the homeowner’s property for many years.  I started shaping the […]