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02 May

“Endless” is a unique carving made from a birch burl. Blair had his eye on the rounded growth for about 20 years, checking frequently on the tree’s destiny. Once the birch tree was dying, Blair fell the tree and cut the burl from the trunk. The project began, using only hand tools to meticulously remove […]

24 Apr

An extraordinary piece that Blair created is this beautiful angel that he has named “Forgotten”.┬áThe angel was hand crafted from a dying tree that he has had his eye on for several years. The tree was struck by lightening and then continued to grow for many years later. Blair envisioned the split in the trunk […]

16 Apr

The maple log coffee table is almost complete. Here are some photos – you will have to use your imagination to envision the final look.The temporary plywood top will be replaced with glass, and the finishing touch will be the cold pressed steel feet….

11 Apr

Blogging is new to us – to be honest we are a little overwhelmed right now with the whole Social Media concept and all of the different forms of networking and marketing tools that are available!┬áRecognizing that business success in this era depends so much on internet browsing, we are now official “Bloggers”, so here […]