It has been just over one week since I started creating the Forever Bench…..

09 Mar

On February 26th I picked up the branch of The Historic Forever Maple Leaf Tree to begin the transformation into a magnificent bench that will give the branch life once again! When I arrived at the City of Toronto location where the branch was stored the staff graciously helped to load the branch onto my truck with the assistance of a crane.

The shape of the branch as well as the tree’s condition due to age, environmental stress, and evidence of some insect destruction inspired my design.  These factors will all contribute to the amazing character of this piece.

The first step in the making process was to spray for bugs (with an indoor/ outdoor environmentally friendly product).  After I was certain that were no live insects in the branch, I began the debarking process. Once this step was complete I sprayed for bugs again.

Using a chainsaw, I then cut out the seats. My original design had two single seats and one double, but after making my cuts and seeing the inner core of the log, I decided to modify the design by making three single seats of generous size.

I have now started the process of hollowing out the branch which is comparable to opening a major artery, not wanting to take too much of the core away so that the branch remains strong. Patience is a virtue!

After one week of lovingly working on this amazing piece, the Forever Bench is bringing the Maple Leaf Forever branch back to life once again!

The best part is that someone will have the chance to own this beautiful one-of-a-kind bench carved from the Legendary Maple Leaf Forever Tree!!

IMG_2361 IMG_2363 IMG_2358 IMG_2356

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